Rory Preddy

Prior to joining Microsoft, Rory worked for a number of South Africa’s large companies as an Integration Architect.
Rory’s focus for the last 7 years has been on research and development (R&D) with a focus on cloud research, consulting and training.
Working in research has allowed him unparalleled insights into industry movements, trends, and news.
Rory is extremely passionate about the programming community and has been critical helping them create a South African flavoured digital disruption strategy.
Rory is an organiser of the Kotlin and Java developer user groups and has led the Johannesburg AWS user group for 2 years.
When not captivating the crowd with his presentations as a technical speaker, he can be found in the front row with a distinguished laugh, infectious enough to break the awkward silence in any audience.
His expertise includes PaaS and Java, and he holds an honours degree in Computer Science.