Chief Software Architect


Human, male, husband, father, programmer, geek.
I have earned a living by programming since 1985 and have worked on very small embedded systems as well as large mainframe systems and everything in between.
I have used a wide variety of programming languages and technologies to solve problems across very different domains. In recent years mostly on the JVM in financials services.
I am passionate about developer productivity and have a severe allergic reaction to bureaucracy.


Aug 2006 – Present
JumpCO Holdings - Chief Architect
Feb 2002 – Jul 2006
Standard Bank - Software Architect
Apr 1992 – Jul 2006
OOTech - Consultant
Apr 1996 – Feb 2002
AFA Systems - Senior Technical Architect
Oct 1993 – Mar 1996
Lexicon Business Systems - Technical Manager
Nov 1989 – Apr 1992
Nedbank - Programmer